exception kingfisher_scrapy.exceptions.KingfisherScrapyError[source]#

Base class for exceptions from within this application

exception kingfisher_scrapy.exceptions.SpiderArgumentError[source]#

Raised when a spider argument’s value is invalid, from a spider’s from_crawler method

exception kingfisher_scrapy.exceptions.MissingEnvVarError[source]#

Raised when a required environment variable is missing, from a spider’s from_crawler method

exception kingfisher_scrapy.exceptions.IncoherentConfigurationError[source]#

Raised when a spider is misconfigured by a developer, from a spider’s __init__ method

exception kingfisher_scrapy.exceptions.AccessTokenError[source]#

Raised when the maximum number of attempts to retrieve an access token is reached, from a spider callback

exception kingfisher_scrapy.exceptions.MissingNextLinkError[source]#

Raised when a next link is not found on the first page of results, from a spider callback

exception kingfisher_scrapy.exceptions.UnknownArchiveFormatError[source]#

Raised when the archive format of a file can’t be determined from the filename, from a spider callback