Source code for kingfisher_scrapy.spiders.honduras_oncae

from kingfisher_scrapy.base_spiders import CompressedFileSpider, PeriodicSpider
from kingfisher_scrapy.exceptions import SpiderArgumentError
from kingfisher_scrapy.util import components

[docs]class HondurasONCAE(CompressedFileSpider, PeriodicSpider): """ Domain Oficina Normativa de Contratación y Adquisiciones del Estado (ONCAE) Spider arguments from_date Download only data from this year onward (YYYY format). Defaults to '2005'. until_date Download only data until this year (YYYY format). Defaults to the current year. system Filter by system: CE Catálogo Electrónico DDC Módulo de Difusión Directa de Contratos HC1 HonduCompras 1.0 (Módulo de Difusión de Compras y Contrataciones) Bulk download documentation """ name = 'honduras_oncae' download_timeout = 900 # BaseSpider date_format = 'year' default_from_date = '2005' skip_pluck = 'Already covered (see code for details)' # honduras_portal_releases # SimpleSpider data_type = 'release_package' # PeriodicSpider pattern = '{}' formatter = staticmethod(components(-1)) # Local available_systems = ['HC1', 'CE', 'DDC'] @classmethod def from_crawler(cls, crawler, system=None, *args, **kwargs): spider = super().from_crawler(crawler, system=system, *args, **kwargs) if system and spider.system not in spider.available_systems: raise SpiderArgumentError(f'spider argument `system`: {spider.system!r} not recognized') return spider def build_urls(self, date): for system in self.available_systems: if self.system and system != self.system: continue yield self.pattern.format(f"{system}/{system}_datos_{date}")