Source code for kingfisher_scrapy.spiders.pakistan_ppra_api

import json

import scrapy

from kingfisher_scrapy.base_spiders import SimpleSpider
from kingfisher_scrapy.util import components, handle_http_error

[docs] class PakistanPPRAAPI(SimpleSpider): """ Domain Pakistan Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) API documentation """ name = 'pakistan_ppra_api' # BaseSpider skip_pluck = 'Already covered (see code for details)' # pakistan_ppra_bulk # SimpleSpider data_type = 'release_package' def start_requests(self): yield scrapy.Request( '', meta={'file_name': 'list.html'}, callback=self.parse_list ) @handle_http_error def parse_list(self, response): # remove the last item in the list to fix the str JSON format urls = json.loads(response.xpath('//body//text()').getall()[6].replace(",\r\n\r\n", "")) for url in urls: yield self.build_request(url, formatter=components(-2))